Young aspiring creators on track to design a more stylish east end.

The Instagram obsessed generation can be thanked for dragging us out of the ugg boot, low waisted, skirts and leggings days full of more than questionable fashion trends.

In place of the velour covered trends of the early to late 2000’s has come the street and athlesuire style of clothing. The streetwear trend has completely taken over and even in places like the East End young people can be found dressed head to toe in designer streetwear brands like supreme, a bathing ape, off white and many others.

These brand names can cost some serious amounts of money for such basic clothing items and many people don’t have £240 to drop on a basic black T-shirt. In trying to keep up with these trends young people have taken some notes from these designer streetwear brands and have began to produce their own streetwear brands at prices they know their peers will love and most importantly be able to afford.

One of these brands Dynamic clothing was created by Kieran Healy who comes from the Garthamlock area of Glasgow’s East End. The brand is pimarily based on Instagram and advertises its custom streetwear clothing in dozens of different colours and styles. The page was created back in May of 2018 and the website just took off from there.  Custom hoodies embezled with the companies logo cost a resonable £25 compared to the £400 price tags of their high end peers.

Mostro Clothing is another streetwear brand to emerge from Glasgow’s East End. Mostro was the brain child of a group of four friends who just wanted to give their ‘daft idea’ of breaking into the Glasgow fashion scene a chance. They produce quality clothing with indepentent and orginal designs. Only recently launching they have gained a following of young and fashionable followers on their various social media platforms. They look set to take off as a brand to watch as their designs are unique, stylish and take inspiration from the city around them. Mostro Clothing’s collection starts from £15.

The independent streetwear scene is big business in urban areas like London and it appears it has made its way to Glasgow’s East. These young people taking thier future into their own hands are not only encouraging other young entrepreneaurs to give owning a business a go they are doing it with a professionalism and style that makes it something to be admired.

These young people are helping to improve the east ends reputation and are providing a taster of the changes that this generation will bring to Glasgow East.  

East End Locals start petition to save popular pool from Council cutbacks.

The Whitehill swimming club which has been around since 1977 began this petition when it was discovered that Glasgow City Council said that closing the popular pool house would be a ‘option” for saving the council money.
The huge 200 community members within the Whitehill Swimming Club are encouraging members of their local community to come forward and sign their petition in order to save an important part of Dennistoun’s past.
A spokesperson for the swimming club called upon the internet for support when posting the petition saying, “while these are only options at this stage Whitehill Swimming Club is anxious about the future of the pool and as such, the club itself.”
Members of the swimming club claim that the club has always been a vital resource to not only Dennistoun locals but children and adults from all across the city who come in to enjoy the facilities.

The petition posted by the group was posted two days ago and has just over 2000 signatures and the club is encouraging the public to come along to a meeting at Dennistoun Library on January 8th at 7pm to share their thoughts and feelings about this proposal with three of their local councillors.
If you would like to know more or even to just support you local clubs and leisure centres please go along to the Dennistoun community council meeting in Dennistoun Library, 2A Craigpark, Dennistoun, G31 2NA and sign the petition here.

Winter Garden closure causes tension between Glasgow MP’S.

Previously there was doubt whether or not the Peoples Palace would be open to the public ever again due to the state of disrepair it had fallen into but luckily the £350k worth of renovations that were needed on the landmark were approved by Glasgow City Council.

However, there may be one place within the palace that we may not see again for quite a while and that is the Winter Gardens.

When visiting the Peoples Palace, the place that I remember most fondly is the amazing Winter Garden which was host to thousands of tropical plants and a heat that someone from Glasgow would surely never experience anywhere else in the city or the country for that matter.

However apparently the costs to maintain the tropic climates needed for these plants was too much for Glasgow City Council who according to MP Paul Sweeny have switched off the heating systems within the Winter Gardens which will kill off all of the plants in an act of ‘civic vandalism’.

This tweet was challenged however by SNP Leader Susan Aitken who accused the MP for Glasgow North East of ‘making things up’.

The two contradicting arguments has left the public a little confused weather or not to expect the beautiful tropic gardens when the Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens open in Easter 2019.



Regeneration Project bringing a new lifestyle to Glasgow’s east end.

Since the east end was host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow City Council has invested £17m into a regeneration project that is improving the eastend areas of Barrowfield, Dalmarnock and the Gallowgate. Emirates Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome has helped to promote healthy living and lifestyle to those in the eastend. 

The East End is becoming a haven for small businesses and their customers.

The increase in small businesses opening up shop in the east end rather than the usual Great Western and Byres Road has allowed places like Duke Street and the Barrowlands to turn into a retail paradise for those who wish to adventure outside of the ‘Westend Bubble’.

Both eastend tourists and locals can enjoy food in places like Coia’s (who have just celebrated their 90th birthday in Duke Street), the quirky Dennistoun Bar-B-Que and shop in places like the iconic ‘Barras Market’ and vintage shops like “Rip It Up” and “Mr Bens” who have their homes in the Calton district of the east end.  

East End Library Finalist in Museum of the Year Competition.

The Glasgow Women’s Library is one of the east end’s hidden treasures.

Located in Bridgeton it is the only accredited museum in the UK dedicated to women’s lives, history and achievements.

The museum is open to everyone and hosts a variety of events within its beautiful award-winning building in Landressy Street.

The museum was also nominated for the Art Fund museum of the year award 2018 which is the world biggest museum prize and the UK’s largest arts award which awards £100,000 to the winning museum.

While Glasgow Women’s Library was beaten out by Tate St Ives it is still amazing that an east end establishment is being given such high praise and recognition for all the amazing work it does in sharing stories and achievements of women past and present, in their everyday lives and also their careers with the public worldwide .

The museum received a lot of support from the Glasgow public on twitter who was finally happy to see such an amazing establishment given the widespread publicity it deserves.

Since the competition, Glasgow Women’s Library has been host to other amazing events and keeps its events calendar packed full of amazing workshops, inspirational talks and exhibitions all about amazing and talented women who already have and currently are creating a different future for women worldwide.

For any information on upcoming events at the Glasgow Women’s Museum please head to their website.